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Drone Faqs

Can we be on site while you fly the drone?
Yes. That said, you don’t need to be on site if you are unavailable.

How long can you fly for?
Camera drones are all battery powered. Each battery lasts between 20-30 minutes in most conditions. That is more than enough time to get multiple shots while in the air. Battery changeover only takes a few minutes and we’re back up in the air. We also come to the location with fully-charged back-up batteries. 

seattle drone photo
seattle aerial photography

How many photos will you take?
Most homes are best covered in 10-15 photos, which includes bird’s eye photos, photos of views from various heights, neighborhood photos, photos of the home a various heights and angles, etc.

Are there any flight height or distance limits?
Yes. For safety, we only fly line-of-sight, typically a radius no more than 500 feet. And we will not exceed a height of 400 feet (certain locations may have lower height restrictions designated by the FAA). You will be delighted by how much you can see from 400 feet up. And most of our work is more likely to be in the 20 – 50 feet range for an even more intimate shot where you are close to the home.

Does weather effect your ability to shoot?
Yes. The equipment is filled with sensitive electronics. If there is rain or snow, the drone cannot take off. Winds over can also be problematic, and if it is unsafe to take off, we will need to reschedule. Weather is usually predictable, and we have mobile access to weather radar and other forecasting tools. We will usually know and plan in advance if we have to delay the shoot by hours or by days.

Can anyone fly these types of air crafts?
Yes and no. It takes quite a long time to learn how to pilot the vehicles safely and in varying conditions. Don’t expect to go to a store, hand over many thousands of dollars, begin to take production-quality images in a brief time. It’s not as simple as that. We have invested countless hours in learning the techniques, understanding the safety issues, experimenting, and yes, crashing, so that you do not have to. Additionally, we are FAA licensed drone pilots, which is very important for commercial drone flying, as it will protect you from potential fines and delays.

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office timing

Can a Real Estate Broker get into trouble by hiring a Non-Licensed drone pilot?
The short answer is, YES.
Federal law prohibits anyone from flying drones for compensation unless they hold a valid FAA Remote Pilot license. Fines for the unlicensed pilot and the person hiring the pilot can be quite substantial. The fine is $1,100 per occurrence/flight where imagery is used commercially. More importantly perhaps, the fine for a real estate agent who contracts  an unlicensed pilot is $11,000. Of course, if you’re an agent who bought a drone and took the photos yourself, you could be held liable for both fines.  

How long does it take to receive my drone photos?
Next business day. For example, if your drone photos were taken on Monday, you will receive the photos by the end of business (5pm) on Tuesday. If you request a shoot on Friday or Saturday, the Photos will be processed and emailed by the end of business day on Monday. 

How do I receive the photos?
We will send photos the next business day via email. If there any any issues downloading the photos please let us know and we can assist with instructions on downloading them.

How will I receive my images?
You will receive an email with a link to download high resolution images appropriate for quality printing, as well as for use on the MLS/online. 

When is payment due?
Payment is required one day before your scheduled shoot. An invoice will be emailed to you upon scheduling. 

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I have a question that is not listed here.
Shoot us an email at Seattle@pacificshowings.com or you can contact 206.886.1431.