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Why Stage?

There are many reasons an agent or seller might consider staging- here are a few of our client's top reasons to utilize a full-service stager:

  1.  Stagings shows potential buyers the space in an optimized usage, which is suited to the general public's taste. This allows them to imagine their own belongings in the home and how they can actually work with the space if they buy the home. The average person does not have the spacial recognition awareness to understand what can fit where. When a buyer walks in and can't imagine how their stuff will work there, it can often change their perception of the home, and this can hurt the sale. Staging, therefore, helps the greatest number of buyers envision their lifestyle and belongings in the space. And, our goal is to increase the number of interested buyers, increasing your potential for an escalated sales price.
  2. We not only want them to see that their stuff can work in the space, but our goal is to create envy. That is, create envy of a certain lifestyle. many people buy based on emotion, so we want to create that emotion in every potential buyer.
  3.  Staging makes a large space feel more manageable, and a small space feel useable. When a large space isn't staged, in some cases, one might feel like there will be a lot of wasted space, and staging can help address this, by providing ideas of how this extra space can be used to improve lifestyle. On the opposite end of the spectrum, small spaces are also helped by staging. A buyer who feels that they need larger may be shown that even small spaces can be a great option if used efficiently, and staging also makes small rooms feel less small, in general.
  4. Photos in the listing are easier for buyers to "read" when the home is fully staged. Look at the before and after photos below. This before and after perfectly demonstrates one of the many reasons why staging is so important: This rec room was HUGE, but in the "before" photo it looks quite small. The before staging photos makes it so hard to visualize that the room is  large and can be used for a variety of purposes.. The after staging photo helps show the room's depth and functionality. Note: For the purposes of this demonstration, both images were professionally taken with the same lighting, position, camera, lens, and settings to optimize the room's best feature (the abundance of natural light).
before and after staging.jpg