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If you’re about to put a home on the market, you know all about the amount of preparation that goes into getting a house ready to sell. But, the one detail that is most frequently missed? Assess the lighting! A dark house may turn off potential buyers, feel unwelcoming, or even feel unkept. The good news is that you can easily prevent this, and create a warm, comforting environment.

There are a few “areas” to address:

Consider replacing old light fixtures. This can be an inexpensive and easy way to update any home. Check out our suggestions for some great, low-cost replacement options here.

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Evening Home Exterior

Don’t forget about the outside! Curb appeal isn’t just for the daytime. Be sure that walkways, stairs, and even the driveway are well lit. This will not only create a more welcoming home for buyers viewing the home in the evening (and let’s face it- in the PNW, that’s just about every home showing during the fall and winter months, when it gets dark so early!), but will also help to ensure that the buyers are able to visit the home safely. And, as an added bonus, adding more exterior lighting may help deter thieves from creating trouble in or around your property. Consider lighting each doorway (don’t forget side and back entrances!), garden areas, pathways with tread lighting, and adding mood lighting to patios or decks (as in this example). Also, if the lockbox is located in a dark area, you may want to add lighting to make it easy to find and operate. In many cases, a home’s yard is one of the biggest selling points, so we offer an additional service, starting at just $80 to add showcase lighting to dress up the yard. Just ask for a quote on this service for your unique property!


Make room transitions seamless. The amount of light is not the only thing to consider. Stick to one lighting hue. We recommend choosing one kelvin rating and sticking to it throughout the home. Preferably, a Kelvin rating that is lower than 5000k (bulbs 5000k or higher can leave a home feeling too stark, and “ cold." One common choice is 3000k, as it provides a warmth, and works well in most homes. In some homes, with warmer wall colors (beige, light yellow- off white tones, etc), 3000k may be a bit to warm, so if you are able to find something close to 4500k, it can help create a “clean” light with cooling down the home to much. 


There are a few areas of the home that frequently get forgotten, be sure you don’t miss them: garage, basement, laundry room. Ensuring that these areas are properly lit will help buyers feel more comfortable, and could make the difference and “push them over the edge” in your direction if they are comparing your home to another similar one.


Consider the lumens. A well lit room can play tricks on the mind and enhance appearance of the physical size of the room. LED light bulbs have a higher lumen rating per comparable wattage to their incandescent counterparts, and of course, use less energy. The greater the lumen rating, the “brighter” the bulb, creating a brighter room. This is especially true if the home doesn’t have much natural light. Have you ever walked into a home and noticed that despite it having plenty of ceiling lights, it felt dark or dingy? They probably had bulbs with a low lumen rating in use. And, while you may have consciously known there were enough light fixtures through the home, you subconsciously felt less at home. And, yet, this is probably one of the most overlooked areas in preparing a home for sale! Change out those bulbs!

Dining Room Lights