Seattle Area Vacant Home Staging, Home Design & Real Estate Imaging

Service Area & Quote

Please check the map below to determine if your project is within our service area, then you may use the scheduling tool below to schedule a quote for a creative solution tailored to meet your exact needs.

This appointment typically takes 10-20 minutes. During the appointment, we will take photos and measurements of the space, so that we can best create a plan to enhance your listing or project. During this time we will also look out for any potential challenges for your project, which may include narrow doorways, steep driveway, no parking, elevators, etc.

We service the areas highlighted in orange below. On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to service outside of this area. If you are outside of the highlighted region, please contact us to determine service availability.

Please note that we are specialists in vacant staging and investment design, and do not offer staging for occupied homes. If you project is for an occupied home, we apologize for any inconvenience.